Corporate Counsel Plan

Do you need a corporate lawyer, but the high cost has kept you from retaining one? Dominion has the solution to your company’s legal needs. Our Corporate Counsel Plans make high-quality legal services affordable and accessible. The plans include:

  • Experienced Corporate Counsel on Retainer. With 20 years of experience in many facets of business law, Dominion Founder David Knasel is available to provide counsel and guidance for your business. When you retain Dominion, you become our client, and we cannot and will not represent any opposing party (be it your customer, employee, lender, or vendor) against you.
  • Registered Agent (in Virginia). Dominion can serve as the registered agent for your business, making sure that important legal notices are received and handled properly. An attorney who understands the legal significance of such notices will review all received items and forward to you with appropriate instructions or advice.
  • Annual Meeting. As your corporate counsel, Dominion will host your company’s annual meeting at its office or attend telephonically. Dominion will prepare the minutes of the annual meeting or a written consent document in lieu of annual meeting.
  • Corporate Records: Annual Review. Each year, we will review your corporate minute book and other legal records with you to make sure that they are current. Dominion will, at no additional charge, make routine or small updates and issue new stock certificates as required. More complex changes or any other additional work can be done as part of the legal services provided for below.
  • Complimentary Telephone Consultations. Pick up the phone and call your business lawyer without fear of receiving a bill for it. We love to hear from our clients, and, if we can answer a question or solve a problem for you in a phone call, that’s even better. As a Corporate Counsel Plan member, you are not charged for telephone calls with your counsel.
  • Additional Hours of Legal Services Included. Get additional legal services included at no additional cost (number of hours depends on plan level).

Call us today to learn more about our Corporate Counsel Plan rates and payment options, and to get complete terms and conditions.